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What Makes Us Different?

You can DO Pilates or you can FEEL and understand Pilates? Both may give you results but through Body in-Tuition, you will learn how to understand your body, so that you can break unhelpful habits and your posture and movement patterns will change permanently. You work safely at your own pace, aware of your own potential and learn to apply this to any exercise or movement you are doing in other areas of your life.

Our small tailor-made classes and private tuition caters for individual needs and rates of progression. No fancy jargon just down to earth plain English, which make the classes fun and accessible to everyone. Combining exercise, education and enjoyment so that we know WHY and HOW to exercise rather than trying to remember a routine or relying on a teacher’s constant supervision.

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Pilates in Borehamwood and ElstreeNordic Walking in Elstree, Bushey and surrounding areas
Rebounding Trampolining in Borehamwood and ElstreeHealth Events in Borehamwood
Kundalini Yoga in Borehamwood and ElstreeHealth Advice in Borehamwood and Elstree