Happy Hips & Hamstrings

Leg Swings

  • Keep body still and in neutral. (Use wall for support if necessary).
  • Pendulum swinging forwards and backwards from the hip.
  • Swing your leg out to the side and then swing across front of body. Make sure not to twist torso.

Side Lunges

  • Legs wide apart.
  • Rotate right leg from hip with foot turned out to side, arms extended at shoulder height to sides in warrior position.
  • Keeping body facing forward, bend knee on rotated leg and deep lunge to the side.
  • Lift out of hips and stay tall in torso.
  • Repeat on other side x 3

Forward Lunges

  • Long step forward and bend front knee whilst stretching front of hip/thigh on back leg.
  • Lift out of hips or raise arms to keep torso lengthened.
  • Repeat on other side x 3

Leg Circles/Hamstring Stretch/Outer thigh release

  • Lying on back using band or scarf around ball of foot.
  • Take leg in small circles and then large circles in both directions, whilst keeping pelvis still and in neutral.
  • Flex and point foot for calf and hamstring stretch.
  • Take leg across centreline of body for outside of hip stretch.

Glute/Buttock Stretch

  • Lying with knees bent, feet on the floor.
  • Lift and bend one knee and turn out to side
  • Cross ankle just above opposite knee and, using movement of back leg, pull foot towards chest whilst knee pushes further out to side.


CAUTION: Please note that the exercises found on this website are intended solely for those that have trained with Body in-Tuition or Jackie Gilbert.

These exercises are performed at your own risk but are not recommended for people with any back issues.

If you experience any pain or discomfort during exercise, stop immediately and seek professional advice (doctors aren’t particularly good).

Exercises are undertaken at your own risk. These are not remedial exercises.

About the Author

Jackie Gilbert

Jackie is a Pilates, Nordic Walking, Method Putkisto and Yoga instructor based in North London. She specialises in reinstate natural body movement for her clients of all ages, always improving their understanding of their own bodies so that they are able to confidently incorporate this knowledge into everyday movement and normal lifestyle.

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