Water and Health

Importance of Water

Life itself cannot exist without water. We need to constantly add fresh water to our body in order to keep it properly hydrated. Water is vital to almost every bodily function. Water is essential for proper digestion, nutrient absorption, proper circulation and to flush toxins from our systems. Water regulates the body’s cooling system. Our best source of water is pure spring water. Soft drinks and alcohol, steal tremendous amounts of water from us. Coffee, milk and even juice require water from our body to be properly digested.

Failure to drink enough water can lead to dehydration – a condition where cells are never quite hydrated enough for them to perform optimally. This can result in a weakened immune system, nutritional and brain function imbalances, and even physical issues such as back problems from dehydration in the tissues of the back.

The volume of bodily liquid (living body water) is 70% of our body. As we age, our body becomes increasingly dehydrated. As we reach a state of chronic ‘water deficiency’ the water content in the cells of our body decreases. As a result, the operation of every system in the body that depends on water becomes impaired. Gastrointestinal problems emerge together with joint inflammation, back problems and mental fogginess. The build up of acid wastes increases and our bodies become an environment ripe for disorder and disease.

At this point most people resort to an assortment of drugs which treat the symptoms. However, a better choice may be water which eliminates the underlying cause… dehydration.

All cell functioning is improved by hydration. Brain cells are particularly responsive to minute changes in their water content. Other disease conditions such as asthma, allergies, hypertension, arthritis, angina, multiple sclerosis, depression can begin to emerge when there is a lack of adequate water. Even cholesterol build up in the arteries may be due I part to your body’s drought management process. (The Science of Living Water, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water)

Good water is fundamental to our health

In our attempt to make our water safe from harmful diseases, towns and cities treat it with necessary chemicals. However the chemicals that are added to our water still represent a significant physical stress on our bodies – for example, after the chlorine has done its job of killing harmful bacteria during the sanitation process, it then goes on killing the good bacteria in our bodies that are important for our immune system.

As we look at the overall health of the population in the developed world, starting in the UK, half the population will develop heart problems, one third will develop cancer, and 80% will have back problems. The cumulative stresses from our modern lives, from our water and our environment, already challenge our immune system and the additional chemicals and poor quality of our water whether tap or bottled, are yet another factor which can have significant consequences on our future health. The quality of water we drink every day makes a tremendous impact on our health but not all types of water are equal in therapeutic effects. Water authorities make tap water safe by treating it, usually with oxidizing chemicals such as chlorine, to kill harmful organisms before we drink it.

Less than 1% of the water that authorities process is for human consumption, in other words, producing good quality drinking water is not their highest priority as long as it satisfies legislation and is safe to drink. What we are left with to varying degrees is tap water that contains sediments, chemicals and often concentrations of heavy metals, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones that damage cellular tissues of our body. In order to remove and counteract the side effects of these chemicals our immune system is put under additional stress.

Understanding your options:

Distilled water is virtually dead and biologically inactive which means that nothing can live in it.

Bottled mineral and spring water. These should be bottled at source and it is difficult to know how long the water has been in bottles before we purchase or drink it. The plastic may also leach chemicals into the water and the quality of the water is not stringently monitored. On an environmental issue the bottles are made using fossil fuels and many bottles end up littering the landscape or necessitate expensive recycling processes.

Water Filtration systems. The cheaper filters may be limited as to how much they remove from the water and are often aimed at improving the taste. The more sophisticated may also address the ph alkaline level of the water.

One of the most interesting and effective water technologies is Pi-Mag water. This system has four important stages; ultrafiltration, remineralisation, far infrared and magnetic field imprinting. The result is living water that can hydrate, lubricate and energize living cells.

For information on excellent, affordable water systems that will enhance your health on all levels, visit www.bodyintuition.co.uk/nikken

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