About Body in-Tuition

With almost 20 years of experience, through practice and teaching clients of all ages and levels of fitness, we understand bodies and specifically how Pilates can help the individual.  Where necessary we liaise with medical professionals for our clients with specific health issues and develop seated and standing programmes for elderly and arthritic clients or those with joint replacements.  I have also devised corporate programmes focussing on preventative healthcare in the workplace and worked in schools, helping teenagers to develop better posture and strength.  Body in-Tuition’s aim is to reinstate natural body movement for all our clients, always improving their understanding of their own bodies so that they are able to confidently incorporate this knowledge into everyday movement and normal lifestyle. The benefit of this is that we can then correct and respond to warning signals that could otherwise lead to pain and health problems.

By placing the emphasis upon relaxation and the release of tension and stiffness in the muscles clients safely work at their own pace without risk of further strain or injury. This ‘relaxed control’ method releases tension in all areas of the body giving an overall sense of well-being and renewed energy.

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