What Makes Us Different?

Body in-Tuition success is based on YOU learning how to take charge of your health and your body.   You can join an exercise class anywhere, information on health is available in abundance, but Body in-Tuition’s integrated approach helps you to become your own instructor.  By developing your awareness, understanding and feeling what your body needs – from stretching, strengthening, breathing to simple TLC and relaxation.

Applying the sound principles of Pilates to create balance, alignment and a strong core, but using creativity and contrast to challenge your mind, breath and body.  Our programme of classes offers something to suit everyone from pilates mat, invigorating ball and rebounding classes, to outdoor exercise, Nordic Walking and total wellbeing with Kundalini Yoga.

By learning to understand your body, your posture and movement patterns and health can start to change permanently.  You work safely at your own pace, aware of your own potential and learn to apply this to any exercise or movement you are doing in all areas of your life.

My small tailor-made classes cater for individual needs and rates of progression. No fancy jargon just down to earth plain English, which make the classes fun and accessible to everyone. Combining exercise, education and enjoyment so that we know WHY and HOW to exercise rather than trying to remember a routine or relying on a teacher’s constant supervision.

Our bodies are a work in progress, constantly changing and asking to be understood and cared for. Body In-tuition gives you the tools to take responsibility for your body and your health to ensure that ALL our clients learn how their bodies can be stronger and last longer!

Don’t take my word for it, please read some of the testimonials from a few of my happy clients.

Jackie Gilbert Pilates