Body Maintenance

To compliment your exercise routines and workouts, Body in-Tuition encourages a whole body approach to health. Exercise is an important factor in maintaining mobility and muscular strength, but there are other vital elements that need to be in balance to ensure we function at optimum level. Understanding the importance of a good nights sleep, how pain and arthritis are aggravated by dehydration and learning to breath efficiently can all improve your wellbeing.

“Prevention is better than cure”

The environment we live in and our fast paced lifestyle puts our bodies under constant accumulative stress that burdens the immune system and depletes our resources to stay well. Through our range of complimentary resources and recommended products, we can help you to be more in control of your health and prevent many common health issues.

So let’s work together to prevent sickness and restore good health the natural way.

Home Health Visits

Have you been stuck in bed for more than three weeks? The doctors can’t figure it out and you’re finally ready to give your body some good stuff?!

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The ‘Everything Everything’ Program

  • 6 week turbo changeover
  • 10 week revolution

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