Pilates classes in Borehamwood and Elstree

Some forms of exercise can overdevelop certain parts of the body whilst neglecting others, Pilates is whole-body fitness regime which changes not only the way you look but also the way you feel, move and think.

It works by easing tight joints, and rebalancing muscles to increase strength and flexibility and improve range of movement, whilst developing stamina and coordination. With a primary focus on core support for the abdominal and back region it has an integrated level of fitness that is hard to find elsewhere. This also makes it popular for rehabilitation after injury and for athletes as it bring the body back to good posture and alignment enabling it to function more efficiently.

Whatever your age, level of fitness, an athlete or new to exercise the principles of Pilates apply and can be modified to every individuals needs.

Benefits of Pilates Classes and Private Pilates

  • Better posture, coordination and balance
  • Strong, flexible and toned body
  • Healthy strong back.
  • Improved bone density and strong abdominal muscles
  • Alleviates neck shoulder pain and tension
  • Improved breathing techniques which benefits circulation and gives more energy
  • Relaxation
More Info
Have you read the official NHS guide HERE to Pilates to find out if a Pilates class is right for you. Remember, we recommend a private pilates initial assessment before joining a class.

What is Method Putkisto?

Method Putkisto is a precise exercise method of deep stretching, deep strengthening and deep breathing which enables you to achieve in-depth improvements in body shape and function. The focus is on stretching and elongating the deep postural muscles.

The method highlights the fact that muscle tightness and shortness is one of the primary problems in all fitness and many health related issues. Stretching these tight short muscles will realign and ultimately reshape your body. By targeting and isolating specific muscles it corrects imbalances and can be used as a regime on its own or as an ideal compliment to Pilates.

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