I really miss it during the holidays and so does my back! I want to be doing Pilates when I am 80 (with the same friends).

Jane Poyser

Jackie has the right degree of explanation, practice and supervision that gives me confidence in her knowledge of my needs.

Liz Hobson

Been coming to Jackie’s class for approx. 9 yrs and I know my back would be a hundred times worse if it wasn’t for her excellent knowledge of Pilates.

Evelyn Altbach

Coming to two classes a week keeps my body moving. I miss the classes when there is holidays!

Frances Iseman

Thank you I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes over the last few years. You give us all so much motivation and enthusiasm with your endless devotion to Pilates. Like a good teacher you make sure you give us all the same amount of attention, criticism and praise. Like children we lap it all up, learn and improve. Thank you again.

Annette Kelly

Super teacher for back rehabilitation and mobility!

Gaenor Morris

For anyone who is sceptical about Pilates – try Jackie’s classes – I know you will feel better and healthier. I did, in just one term! Come join us. And, thank you to Amelia for introducing me to Jackie!

Lisa Wiseman

Lessons are fun, interesting and motivating. I have found muscles I did not know I had and am far more aware of how I should control my movement.

Maureen Grossman

Jackie Gilbert is a Pilates teacher who is caring and concerned for her pupils well-being and health.

Mandy Kent

Discovering Pilates has improved my breathing and helped me take far less medication for asthma. It has made me more aware of my body, and has enthused me to take more interest in my posture.

Judy Woodhead

I had not been able to move my lower back for many years and was struggling tlineough life in constant pain, then I found Jackie. Within weeks there was a marked improvement in my posture and movement. Over a year later I am a totally different woman. I can excercise without worry, I have no pain, and my whole way of life has changed. I can go for long walks, i can dance again and play with my grandchildren. Thank you Jackie.

Janine Adnett

Enjoy our one-on-one lessons. Jackie is great company apart from being a good teacher!

Hazel Gold

Jackie’s classes are friendly, fun and informative. She is caring and sensitive to each person’s individual needs.

Vanessa Jacobs

I have been suffering from a bad back for most of my life due to a medical condition and decided to contact Jackie to see if Pilates would help. Jackie is a lovely person and I find her very knowledgeable and able to design the sessions around my needs to maximise their benefit. About a year ago, Jackie recommended that I would benefit from strength and cardio work and referred me to Mike for some Personal Training. One year on I am fitter and stronger and with the combination of stretching, cardio and strengthening work I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and I am virtually pain-free. I would highly recommended Jackie and Mike individually as they are both fantastic but with their combination of skills it creates a perfect blend.

Martin Wyman

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